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How to Get Free Connects on Upwork in 2024: A Complete Guide

With the ever-evolving landscape of freelancing, one platform that has been a go-to for many freelancers (including myself) is Upwork. But a lot of freelancers lately have been complaining about connects and having to spend money in order to get a job.

But don't worry, in this blog post, we will dive into the world of Upwork connects, more specifically how to get them for free, whether you should buy more, and how to make them last as long as possible.

(if you'd rather watch this in video format, you can do so here 👇)

Getting Free Connects on Upwork

If you're new to Upwork, you're in luck! Within 48 hours of creating your profile, you will receive 50 free connects. Additionally, earning a Rising Talent Badge will grant you an extra 30 free connects. AND, if that wasn't enough, in some cases winning an interview with an established client or completing an Upwork skill certification can also land you more free connects.

Should You Buy More Connects?

The age-old question: should you invest in more connects on Upwork? Long story short - it depends. If you're going to use them strategically, yes, it is worth it. If you're sending well-crafted proposals and avoiding wasting connects on boosting profiles or projects, that can make the investment worthwhile.

If you're just going to copy and paste the same template you found on Google though...don't waste your money (nor time).

Making Your Connects Last

That being said, if you are budget-conscious (I totally get it!), it's important to make your connects last by having a stellar profile that speaks to your clients' needs, BEFORE going ahead and crafting thoughtful proposals to the RIGHT jobs.

In conclusion, navigating the world of Upwork connects can be hard - but it's not impossible! By leveraging the opportunities for free connects, making strategic decisions on purchasing more, and optimizing their usage, you can enhance your success on the platform.

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