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Tips to Improve Your Upwork Proposals and Get Noticed

Are your Upwork proposals being ignored? You're not alone. Many freelancers face this challenge. However, there's a strategy that can significantly increase your chances of getting a response.

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Filter Out Inactive Job Posts

Many job posts on Upwork are not actively monitored by clients, leading to wasted proposals. Learn how to identify and avoid these "post and ghost" jobs to focus on opportunities that are more likely to result in a hire.

Quality Over Quantity in Proposals

Rather than mass-applying to every job, select opportunities that truly align with your skills and interests. Crafting a tailored proposal for each job shows your dedication and enthusiasm, increasing your chances of standing out to potential clients.

Ensure that your Upwork profile is fully optimized for search by using relevant keywords that match your target clients' needs. This will improve your visibility and attract clients looking for your specific skills.

Utilize the Project Catalog

Don't overlook the potential of the project catalog on Upwork. It can be a valuable resource for attracting clients who prefer structured projects or ongoing work. By showcasing your expertise in the catalog, you may catch the eye of clients seeking your services.

Bring Outside Clients to Upwork

Building your reputation on Upwork is essential for long-term success. Consider bringing clients from external sources onto the platform to kickstart your reputation-building process. Positive feedback and a solid track record will enhance your credibility and attract more clients.

Engage with the Upwork Community

Networking and seeking advice from other freelancers can provide valuable insights and support. Whether through comments, direct messages, or online forums, connecting with the Upwork community can help you navigate the platform more effectively.


By implementing these strategies and staying proactive in your Upwork endeavors, you can improve your proposal success rate and increase your visibility on the platform. Remember, quality over quantity is key when it comes to securing freelance opportunities. Keep refining your approach, staying engaged with the community, and watch your Upwork career thrive!

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