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let's put the fun back in your social media!

(all prices are in USD)


social media strategy:

If you want to access my 8+ years of social media expertise (and ongoing training), but don't want to commit to a long-term packaage, or want to post on your own time - these are for you!

Instagram audit

Let's review your current Instagram profile and content and see where there's room for improvement.



Let's chat about your social media - we can brainstorm ideas, talk strategy, do a Q&A - or all the above!


social strategy

In-depth game plan that tells you what, when, where and how to post. Everything you need to start your journey!


video content creation:

If you need video content to populate your social media, UGC to give a face to your brand, or a trailer to generate excitement - check out the options below.


Editing videos for TikTok/reels/shorts based on footage provided by you



Short-form content for you to use as ads, social posts, or on your Amazon listings!​



Launching a podcast, app, or product? Let's create a cool trailer to promote it!


see my portfolio here


social media management:

On the other hand, if you lack time to keep up with your socials on a monthly basis
- you'll want to choose one of the packages below 👇

 I've got your back! 

We'll get on a monthly call, look over your analytics, and make a strategic plan for the month ahead.

PLUS, you'll get direct access to me, so you can ask any questions that arise around social trends, ideas, and more!


starting at

 let's get creating! 

Step 1: We'll brainstorm content ideas for the month based on your analytics and goals.

Step 2: I'll go ahead and create/edit all the content.

I'll also be sure to post it for you so you don't have to worry about it! 

starting at


 be fully hands-off! 

You'll get full access to me & my expertise - from calls, to content creation, posting on your behalf, and even engaging with your audience.

This is truly for that business owner that just never wants to worry about social again!


starting at

NOTE: these packages have limited availability, as they're more time-consuming, so reach out below if you're interested, and I'll let you know about the next steps!

Also, since I pride myself on offering the best customer experience possible, I'm always open to customizing my packages to fit your needs. So if you have any particular requests, let me know!

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